Letter: Burnaby Superstore must enforce mask rule or I'm done with them


I would like you to help me clarify the mandatory masks requirement at Superstore supermarkets.

I walked into the Superstore to do some shopping at 8 p.m. at night. I was under the impression there was a mandatory face mask requirement for all shoppers in the store.

To my surprise, there was at least 10 to 15 shoppers without face masks shopping in the store. I was only in the store for five minutes as I felt uncomfortable with so many shoppers without face masks.

I quickly bought my cheesecake and left the store. After paying for my food, I decided to go to customer service and ask about the mandatory face mask requirement and the lady said she was wondering too why so many shoppers were not wearing face masks.

My question is what does mandatory masks required means? Is there a different rule for people who disagree or have underlying conditions to be exempt from the rule?

Why should my health and safety be sacrificed for people who do not follow the mandatory masks requirement?

I will be shopping at Walmart more often as I have shopped there two days later since this incident and every single shopper in the store was following protocols and wearing face masks.

I was shopping there for 20 minutes. Furthermore, people with underlying conditions or refuse to wear masks can use third-party shoppers to shop for them as rules are put in place for a reason. 

Please help me get clarity on this as I am not one to complain, but believe in one set of rules everyone should follow.

Ray Jung, Burnaby


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