Opinion: ‘Karen in Burnaby’ tells everyone they look ‘weird’ in a mask

Chris Campbell

One thing I’ve seen posted a lot on social media is how offended some people are when they see others wearing a face mask.

Like, it’s not just enough that these folks refuse to wear a mask – despite the urging of Dr. Bonnie Henry and health experts – but they have to lash out in some way to let you know they object to you wearing a mask.

I’ve lost count of how many tweets and Facebook posts I’ve read in which people have been called “sheep” or worse by others.

I was skeptical that there are that many people out there who will actually have the gall to say something like this.

And then I ran across “Karen in Burnaby” at a local restaurant patio.

No, not just the figurative term “Karen” for a white woman who berates Black people or store staff, but someone actually named “Karen” who told one of the servers they “look weird” wearing a face mask while on the job.

face mask
Wearing this simple loop face mask was a reminder about what medical professionals are going through with COVID-19. CHRIS CAMPBELL PHOTO

“Just stop, please, Karen,” said a male member of the group.

“I won’t stop,” Karen said. “I will tell everyone they look weird in a mask because they do.”

And then she glanced over in my direction as I sat enjoying the sunshine while, yep, wearing a mask.

I pointed to the mask on my face and said, “Come on, let me hear how weird I look.”

“Karen in Burnaby” just rolled her eyes and got real quiet.

I guess it’s easier to bully restaurant servers who rely on tips than someone else who is able to respond.

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