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Candidate bio: Nuno Antunes

Nuno Antunes is running for school trustee under the ParentsVoice BC banner
Nuno Antunes
Nuno Antunes (ParentsVoice BC)

“I love my children; I love Delta and I love participating in my community.”

“I believe the school board trustees should be parents of school age children.”

Therefore, I feel obligated to provide a parent’s voice and emphasize on a safe, non stressful and empowering environments for all our children.

Nuno Antunes is an independent candidate endorsed by ParentsVoice BC which believes that parents are the true political party when it comes to their children’s education.

Antunes immigrated to Canada in 1978, grew up in Vancouver and settled in Delta 12 years ago to raise his two children with his wife.

Nuno has a professional background in the private sector and has experience working in consumer retail, construction, hospitality and private corporate. As a parent Nuno advocates for fitness, community involvement and open discussion.

With his real-world experience in collaboration, providing solutions and an aptitude for listening and problem-solving Nuno aspires to contribute to the advancement of all our children.  

Nuno plans to work with his fellow trustees to ensure our children benefit from health and fitness, developing debating skills, building reasoning skills and provide parents with transparency on curriculum, policies, and education material. 

Nuno has volunteered for many of the local schools’ events/projects and has been coaching soccer and baseball over the last five years.

“As parents, we are all educators and want to work together with our schools, teachers, community for our kid’s best experience. “I want all our children to be brave, learn, make decisions, problem solve and lead.”