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Eaton Arrowsmith School: Strengthening students’ brains

Eaton Arrowsmith School (EA) offers individualized programs for children with learning disabilities.

Eaton Arrowsmith School (EA) offers individualized programs for children with learning disabilities. Instead of helping students cope with their weaknesses, it uses a series of cognitive exercises to strengthen the areas of their brains that cause their learning disabilities. 

Developed by educator Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, the Arrowsmith Program has helped children with learning difficulties since 1978.     

Fisher Brown is one of those students. His struggles with focus and basic arithmetic started to lead to behavioural problems in elementary school.

"Fisher was misdiagnosed in the early grades as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)," his father, Grant, recalls. "He was having difficulty with basic math concepts despite additional tutoring. Every parent/teacher meeting ended in tears."

Once enrolled at EA, Fisher focused on the tasks that were difficult for him through an individualized program of brain strengthening exercises.

"His hard work paid off and subtle changes in both focus and behaviour were quickly apparent," Grant says.

At EA, Fisher discovered a caring environment free from the stigma and negative feedback he experienced in grade school.

"The school offers a sense of camaraderie," Grant says. "Everyone wanted to help and support Fisher."

Apart from the obvious benefits for Fisher, Grant and his family noticed improvements in their home life too.

"The arguments, frustrations, guilt and worry all disappeared," Grant says. "The peace in the house was profound for us. Family members who hadn't seen Fisher in a while were astounded at the change. He's still the same great kid, but he has a deeper intellectual capacity."

Fisher is now back in regular high school and getting straight A’s, even in math.

"For parents considering EA, don't worry about the lack of academic programming," Grant advises. "That was a concern for us. But Fisher now learns much faster. He quickly got back up to grade level in regular high school."

For more information about Eaton Arrowsmith School or the Arrowsmith Program, call 604.538.1710, email, visit the website at, or take an interactive tour of one of our schools. Eaton Arrowsmith can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.