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Good Zombie Books & Graphic Novels to Knock Your Socks Off

Free Zombie Novels
best zombie novels

Hi again zombie fans who can't get enough good zombie novels and the best free online books about the zombie apocalypse! Thanks for being part of our illustrated  Maple Leaf Zombies - terrifying tales from Canada. For fiction lovers who want books that offer something a little different. Be sure to shortcut onto your desktop our directory page from our newspaper publication's website to catch every web episode of our undead series.


Will our dumbass pothead Leo McGregor figure out how to stay alive? What's going on with those lab freaks down in Seattle? And what in the hell is in the woods?  Be sure to also join our fun-filled Maple Leaf Zombies Facebook page where we share and discuss all things zombie, horror and science fiction art, books, movies, comics and graphic novels, as well as pop culture stuff too! Also join the fun on Twitter @MapleLeafZombie and Instagram at MapleLeaf Zombies1. Thanks for sharing our online series! Bookmark and read at your own leisure!



                                          free zombie novels