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The Best Zombie Novels on the Web - Let's Recap!

Good Zombie Apocalypse Fiction Online
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Hello fellow fans of free online zombie novels and good horror fiction ebooks. If you're searching for the best zombie books to read, that's different than anything you've seen before, or get a kick out of any web horror stories, be sure to bookmark from our Maple Leaf Zombies directory page -  - from our newspaper publication's website. It's a free feature on our news media page - no annoying downloads or signups. Come and go at your own leisure! We're starting to get deep into this unique illustrated series.


So, let’s do a quick and dirty recap of what's been going on with our web stories. This zombie story isn't too concerned about following the ridged and antiquated rules for telling tales anyways. Sorry stuck up creative writing profs if we’re insulting your sensibilities (haha no, we're not!). OK, let's shake things up a tad with our yarn and wet your beaks. If someone doesn't like it, screw 'em!



All righty, get a load of this:


We’re still in Year One in British Columbia, Canada. Our most righteous of stoner dudes, Ladner boy Leo McGregor, was a small-time drug dealer and cartoon buff who enjoyed an easy life unshaven and in bathrobes, a spiritual being having a human experience.

Scratching his privates in public while drinking milk out of a carton....he doesn't care!


BUT....he isn't the same fella nowadays after going through sh** the past few months. Canada had quickly fallen apart and voracious reanimated corpses are everywhere. The dude was the very last person who you'd think would be alive at this point. He's now gone off the deep end. Vengeance and killing the undead, as well as anyone standing in his way, is his only fulfillment.

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After a couple of his groups in the Vancouver area fell victim to an elegant lady warlord and her well-dressed henchmen, Leo has been holed up in monastery out in the country, the Princeton area. It's a place with creepy secrets manned by a bunch of ex-cons and other sketchy characters who have been converted into a preposterous priesthood.


Leo has a few offbeat friends also here, including the placid Silent Dave and hockey star Fred Hall. The odd, secretive priests seem to be spellbound by their leader, a freaky-looking individual known as the cardinal (yes, really!). It turns out, unbeknownst to Leo, this cardinal guy is a bigger threat than the sticking dead strolling outside the monastery walls.


While Leo is about to embark on a mission with several other priests to kill the lady warlord, they don't realize the cardinal's plans within plans, which includes some of his dutiful soldiers retrieving another of his kind currently taking up residence with the warlord. Only a few of the cardinal’s minions at this juncture know his terrible secret.

Good old Fred, however, witnesses a scene beyond his worst nightmares one night as the cardinal drinks the blood of a captive. Shall we use the v word? You know it's going to come up sooner or later!


By the way, there’s more of these deadly blood suckers out there, all having special abilities including controlling the dead, who are working on getting together to create their paradise, which means bad news for anyone still human.


Anyway, the hockey star, only having enough time to slip a note in Leo’s jacket, whisks his young family away. About to embark on his war mission, all Leo will know is that Hall took off without reason. Let's just hope he finds that damn note sooner rather than later.


Leo, meanwhile, his mind slowly slipping to a new savage reality, seeing himself as a universal truth, has his own plans.

Problem is, he hasn't got a clue what Kate is up to down there. You see, she's a scientist with a group of others at a military research complex trying to determine what's behind the outbreak. Sounds honourable until you learn the soldiers there have been searching the Seattle streets for survivors, apprehending them and taking them back as prisoners, lab rats for torturous experiments.

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Accompanying our Rambo man Leo on the dangerous trip will be a few others including one of the scientists from the complex who ended up in Canada. Dr. Sandlak hasn't informed Leo what they've been up to at the facility, so one has to wonder what he has in mind.


Meanwhile, Kate has her misgivings but continues to go along with the head of that dastardly Seattle bunch, Dr. Hagstrom. Well, guess what, little do they know he was a serial killer with unquenchable demonic tendencies before the world fell apart, and not much has changed in this dreary new reality.

The soldiers and scientists at the centre will soon be clashing with a group of survivors led by FBI man Tim White, a major Kojak fan, who was on the hunt for Hagstrom before the world suddenly turned into dog crap. White at this point doesn't realize his nemesis is still around and up to the old shenanigans.

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If that wasn't enough, we still have to deal with a group of over-their-head survivors up in northern Alaska, including Leo's two young children, who thought they were safe from the apocalypse, only to realize there's all kinds of horrors lurking in the woods. Huge mutated beasts now dominate the wilderness and are tearing anyone still around into bloody, scrumptious pieces. Leo also doesn't have a clue about that little wrinkle either.


You'd think he'd better find out about all this pretty darn quick before it's too late to save anyone.

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We were also recently introduced to another ambiguous character – who could be good, bad or a little of both. He will play a pivotal role as our misfits try to make it to a safer place, the real sanctuary where they can ride out the end of days.


And what about those hot biker chics with the samurai swords, lead by a dude named Head Snapper, who are keeping an eye on Leo? Of course, there's going to be some messed up twists, too.


Will any of them see be safe? Will Leo and the others be able to keep a thread of what it really means to be human and still survive? Is warmth, compassion and kindness just for suckers who want to get eaten alive? Will disco make a comeback or Elvis come out of hiding if the world somehow revives?

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Aren’t you a lucky one if you’re just joining this little soiree! If you’re on the lazy side, you can start reading our zombie web tales from this point on without having to go over the previous episodes, although it would be so much nicer to read the backstory in our illustrated novel. What other work of fiction will gives you that kind of luxury? The pacing on these story lines are quick and crisp.


OK then, hold on to your knickers because it’s going to quite a ride! Be sure to bookmark our Maple Leaf Zombies directory page onto your desktop and catch the all the episodes -


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