Letter: Burnaby RCMP did well to disarm knife-wielding woman


Re: Woman arrested with large steak knife, NOW News

Thank you for sharing the information about Burnaby RCMP late morning on October 21 arresting, under our Mental Health Act, a woman on Kingsway in the Metrotown area carrying a large steak knife. 

What you shared is just one instance of the often-challenging work carried out by Burnaby RCMP and other police. 

The woman arrested is now much more likely to receive the care those suffering with mental illness too often do not receive, and harm she might have caused to others was prevented. 

Those of us in the communities in which police work to optimize safety and minimize risk and criminal activity very rarely know of this work, which is too often unappreciated or acknowledged, especially what police prevent as it never happens.

The Burnaby RCMP motto is "Partners for a Safe Community". As with our own and community health, COVID-19 being just one example, we also have a responsibility and opportunities to do what we can for our own and our community safety, just a few examples being pedestrians wearing light colored clothing when walking outside when it is dark, not leaving items of value visible in cars, reporting suspicious and criminal activity to police.

Fifteen years ago we had a very significant amount of criminal activity in our neighbourhood. I asked the City of Burnaby, Burnaby School District and Burnaby RCMP what we could do to address the criminal activity. Each and all of us as "Partners for a Safe Community" undertook significant activity and initiatives with the common goal to build our community to be the safe, walkable, wonderful neighbourhood it now is.

Those of us who are nurses, paramedics, firefighters and others working in areas related to and supporting personal and public health and safety are often acknowledged for our work. Thank you again for sharing and acknowledging just one example of the work of Burnaby RCMP that supports our personal and public health and safety.

Diane Gillis, Burnaby


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