Letter: Burnaby stores could add special times to not wear a mask


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I have a thought about the mask wearing at Superstore (in Burnaby).

Maybe mask wearers and non-mask wearers could have their own shopping times.

Break up the day by two-to-four- hour blocks? There would be an overhead announcement 20 minutes (before) or lights flash on and off with an announcement before the change so people could finish up their shopping or adhere to guidelines for the next group.

That way those who feel either way will be less aggravated.
Then I also I looked into the opinion letter (about people not following City of Burnaby COVID-19 signs).
A quick check with the city and it is not a law.
"Two-metre or six-foot distance is a guideline. Only the 50-person gathering limit is a health order at this point. Masks are mandatory on BC Ferries and B.C. transit, but they can only refuse service."
Maybe the same should happen with the walking trails? Specific times or complete days for each to allow choice whether to wear a mask or not wear a mask in the great outdoors.
You're not going to convince either group that they are wrong. Both have valid concerns for and against.
Karin Alzner, Burnaby

Editor's note: It should be mentioned here that mandatory mask rules are not just about protecting other customers, they also add another layer of protection to staff members. The idea is that customers and staff both wearing masks reduces the possible spread of COVID-19. And the overall idea is not about people's comfort level, but about preventing the spread of the virus to anyone else.

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