Stars of Vancouver 2020: Dr. Beth Taylor’s best of the city

Stars of Vancouver is all about recognizing the best in business, service, entertainment and city offerings as voted by our readers. Although our life and business has changed since voting began, when times are tough it’s important to show the positives around us.

There’s a social media post going viral these days encouraging people to shop local when the time comes that our lives get back to (the new) normal. In the meantime, share reviews of your favourite businesses, buy gift cards or use their online or delivery services to help support them as we all navigate this unprecedented time.

For this year’s Stars of Vancouver feature, we also wanted to pick the brains of some of our winners and get them to tell us, and readers, their favourite things about Vancouver.

Olive Fertility

First place in Fertility Centre category

Dr. Beth Taylor writes:

Favourite thing to do in Vancouver:

Walk in the woods

Favourite local restaurant:


Favourite Vancouver neighbourhood:

Kerrisdale because I live there and love my neighbours

Favourite street in the city?

West Fourth

Favourite local musician or band:

Hey Ocean

Favourite local author?

Douglas Coupland because he told the story of my generation

Favourite Vancouver building:

Vancouver Art Gallery

What’s the most underrated thing about living in Vancouver?

The Endowment lands

What’s one thing you’d change about Vancouver if you could?

A few. Less traffic, more interesting architecture in new condo towers, cheaper housing...

What’s one thing you’d like everyone to shut up about in Vancouver?

The rain. It’s a blessing!

You’ve been given $100, where are you spending it?

Buy lunch at the pho restaurant in our building (City Square). The food is amazing and the owners are lovely.

Favourite spot in the city to walk:

Endowment Lands and Spanish Banks

Where’s one place you’d recommend in Vancouver that feels nothing like Vancouver?

The mall haha... It always feels wrong to be at the mall in Vancouver. The outdoors is amazing and the local retailers tend to be street front shops that give Vancouver its energy, charm and economy.