LETTER: ‘Let’s find our heart as a community’

Dear Editor:

Community. That’s what we are. By a simple definition, a community is a social unit (a group of living things) with commonality such as norms, religion, values, customs, or identity. As much as we identify with our common values, we are also diverse. Some of us have already raised our children and are empty-nesters, while many are just beginning their families. Some of us spend our weekends on the soccer pitch, while others gather for a performance of our local thespians. We sing in choirs, practice yoga, lift weights, pore through archives, exchange seeds, search for lost cats, sort our recyclables, count birds, cheer on the spawning salmon, and complain about the ferry. We are a community, without a community centre - a heart. Our need for connection has never been so apparent as in these covid times. What do we miss most? Each other.  

I will be voting “yes” in the referendum. I have seen this project take its shape over nearly three decades. In that time, my own needs, wants, and desires have shifted, but my need for community has not. It may not be the perfect model for such a diverse group of people, but there is something for everyone in this design. 

Let’s find our heart as a community, and come together to support this community centre.

 —Cindi Keep

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