LETTER: No adequate public venue for performing arts on-island

Dear Editor: 

We at Kingbaby Theatre are thrilled by the opportunity before us to finally realize a dedicated space for the performing arts on Bowen Island.  

We have spent over 25 years on Bowen producing and creating live shows here and while it is deeply satisfying to perform for the community that we love, it has always been difficult trying to scrabble an adequate venue out of a church hall, a living room or an outdoor field to the point that it has crippled our output as well as the work of others.  

I have heard some say that such a space is not necessary because the Tir-na-nOg theatre exists. This space is a private theatre school that occasionally allows outside use in a limited fashion, for which we have been grateful, however it is not an adequate public venue.

Voting YES for the community centre is a vote of support for the long and strong tradition of performing arts on Bowen Island and will finally offer a home in which we can flourish.  

Jackie Minns, David Cameron

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