LETTER: Proposal doesn’t offer a community centre

Dear Editor:

I am confused and misinformed by facts presented to date, showing variations of municipal halls, performing arts centers but no community centre. How can I vote for something  l will not get? 

The grants available are for a community centre, but it is apparent they are going to be used for a different purpose, I think the grants should be withdrawn.
In my previous life I was involved as a consultant to Downs Archambault Architects on the Britannia Community Centre, one of the largest and most comprehensive of its type, and as such I know something of what  a community centre should be. 

My wife and I have spent the past 20 winters in California and Arizona staying in developments from 2,500 to10,000 residences where community centers are a large part. 

We have rented in five or six of these developments where the amenities are similar to what we have come to expect. In view of the above I have only one option to vote on this referendum and that is “no.” If anyone is interested I have designed a community centre for Bowen Island

George Hunter

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