LETTER: We need somewhere to gather

Dear Editor: 

Since moving to Bowen 22 years ago I’ve seen the need for a community center. I’ve attended various events over the years and often felt they would be so much more enjoyable if they were in an appropriate setting. I’ve watched plays at the Legion with a pillar blocking my view, gone to concerts at Cates Chapel sitting in uncomfortable folding chairs with limited views and attended large community events at BICS gym with my ears, eyes and seat assaulted. Even the new library annex doesn’t have good sound quality. So what’s a performing artist to do on an island filled with creative potential but no appropriate place to present their talent. 

We have the Hearth for visual art and Tir-na-nOg for youth studying theatre. Don’t we deserve a community center where community members can gather under one roof for all community events: plays, concerts, dances, recreation and such? We are one of the few communities without such a gathering place. 

Some may think it’s expensive, but most of the money has already been raised and it would be such a loss not to go the final distance. The remaining amount is estimated to cost taxpayers around .27 cents per day. Isn’t that worth it? I think so!

Gini Grey



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