Queen of Surrey delayed for rescue call

The Queen of Surrey was delayed Wednesday night when the ferry, along with the Queen of Capilano, was called by the coast guard to assist with an incident near Bowen Island just before 6 p.m. 

Coast guard officials said the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Victoria was alerted that a Zodiac had capsized near Cates Bay at the northeast tip of Bowen. 

The coast guard vessel Laredo Sound and RCM-SAR were dispatched to the scene and the coast guard also put out a call for boats in the area to assist. 

The coast guard said the ferries were able to act to block the wind and waves from the bay, but couldn’t get in any closer. 

Ferry crews kept the woman who was in the Zodiac in sight and, according to Deborah Marshall of BC Ferries, the woman made it to shore before either crew had to launch their rescue boats. 

The Laredo Sound was able to move in close enough to the beach to rescue the woman and take her to Emergency Health Services in Horseshoe Bay. 

The ferries were delayed about an hour, but the Queen of Surrey was back on its regular schedule after one round-trip. 

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