Burger poll returns to New Westminster restaurant

A local eatery is once again giving folks a chance to vote with their mouths.

Burger Heaven is hosting a “bun-official” provincial election burger poll featuring NDP, Liberal, Green and Conservative offerings. The restaurant has been holding burger polls for civic, provincial and federal elections for nearly three decades.

“We will be doing it through take-out and dine-in only,” said manager Chris Geib.

Customers can now vote for the “flavour-ite” candidate in the poll that runs until Friday, Oct. 23. Here’s how Burger Heaven describes the burgers it’s serving up for the Oct. 24 provincial election:

The John Horgan Burger – BC NDP

To spice things up this tasty Nicely Done Patty of “lean-to-the-left’ Grade A “premier” beef is attempting to gain ‘ground’ on the front left burner as it stirs the pot in its attempt to secure a majority leadership in the B.C. government. This burger includes strong o(u)nions, fresh red tomato, sharp slice of B.C. mozzarella and a dollop of H-organ-ic mango habanero sauce. “Lettuce continue to lead and we’ll relish the opportunity to whet the voter/eater appetite with our platter-form of policies.”

The Andrew Wilkinson Burger – BC Liberal Party

This lean-to-the-right Grade A burger is sizzling on the right-centre burner and creating lots of heat in the political kitchen as it strives to take a ‘bite’ out of the NDP burger and regain leadership of the B.C. government with a zesty platter-form designed to appeal to the voter’s/eater’s appetite for change. Very well-seasoned, this burger hopes to ‘cut the mustard’ with the voter/eater and includes a Liberally-cut slab of B.C. cheddar cheese, special CC sauce, milder o(u)nions and savours the chance to lead again.

The Sonia Furstenau Burger – BC Green Party

Grilled using clean fuel to avoid toxic emissions, this Grade A burger offers a non-meat alternative and/or lettuce wrap and hopes to ‘mustard’ up some excitement with its new leadership to appeal to our environmentally-conscious customer. This burger includes a slice of organic Cowichan Valley green tomato and green lettuce and has come a long way to ‘ketchup’ in the political kitchen of popularity. Also it strives to be ‘Furst’-enau in the political race appealing to the selective taste of the B.C. voter/eater.

The Trevor Bolin Burger – BC Conservative Party

Made in B.C., this Grade A burger that’s frying on the front-right burner is steaming up the political kitchen and boasts a conservative dollop of special ‘Bolin’aise dressing, an equally conservative slab of tangy blue cheese, slice of aromatic onion and is a culinary choice among selective voters/eaters.

Still haven’t decided who you’ll be voting for or planning to vote for another party? Not to worry; you can vote for the (b)undecided/other burger.

And if you really want mango habanero sauce on your burger, but you’re not voting NDP or you love blue cheese and aren’t a Conservative, that’s not a problem either.

“You don’t have to order that particular burger. You can order any burger you like. It can be off the menu or off of our election sheet – you can vote for whoever you want,” Geib said. “We are not forcing you to order that particular burger to vote for that particular candidate.”

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