Lorraine Brett takes second run at becoming New Westminster MLA

Lorraine Brett is “thrilled” to represent the BC Liberals in next month’s provincial election.

Brett, a marketing professional who has lived in New West since 1994, is the BC Liberal candidate in New Westminster. Brett said her experience as a mother of a homeless, addicted and mentally ill child is what’s compelled her to run in the Oct. 24 election.

“I have seen firsthand how things have gone steadily downhill under the NDP,” she said. “There was great improvement promised, but life on the streets here and across British Columbia has gotten much, much worse. People are literally dying on our city streets.”

Brett said she doesn’t trust the NDP to solve the overdose crisis. When asked if the Liberals would support decriminalization of drugs or create more detox spaces, she said Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson has recommended the province create a “pathway to recovery” that would involve a very coordinated effort.

“It’s a complex problem, but I do trust Andrew Wilkinson to deliver on that,” she said. “As a doctor, he has a really good sense of how we move forward, how we move people forward in their lives, and not just wait around until we have naloxoned them to life again but have not given them hope or any pathway to recovery.”

Brett said she doesn’t believe the overdose crisis is going to be solved under an NDP government.

“The deaths have soared,” she said. “This plan has failed, but no one has been held accountable. So the only way to see accountability, from my perspective, at this point is to go to the ballot box and to vote for the BC Liberals.”

In April 2016, B.C.’s provincial health officer declared a public health emergency in response to the rise in drug overdoses and deaths. Statistics from the B.C. Coroners Service show the number of illicit drug toxicity deaths in recent years:2015 – 529; 2016 – 991;2017 – 1,494; 2018 – 1,547; 2019 – 983; and 2020 (until August) – 1,068.

Brett is no stranger to politics, having run in New Westminster for the Liberals in the May 2017 provincial election (placing third behind the NDP and Green). She also ran for New Westminster city council in 2005 and 2008.

In addition to addressing issues of addiction, mental health and homelessness, Brett believes a Liberal government is better able to address a post-COVID economy. (The BC Liberals were in government from 2001 to 2017.)

“As a free-enterprise thinker, a member of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, I believe that there is hope for a great improvement in our economy,” she told the Record. “The BC Liberals under Andrew Wilkinson have a 25-year plan to generate a thriving economy on multiple fronts, and I am bought-in on that plan.”

Brett said the NDP has broken promises to implement a universal $10-a-day child-care program and to fix homelessness.

Wilkinson said the BC Liberals have a “growing list of exceptional candidates” who are ready to lead British Columbia, work to restore confidence and rebuild B.C. – despite the NDP's “attempted power grab” by calling a snap election in the middle of a global pandemic.

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