New Westminster Libertarian doing double duty in 2020 election campaign

BC Votes 2020

Don Wilson is doing double duty with the BC Libertarians.

Wilson, who is the leader of the BC Libertarian Party, is also the party’s candidate in the New Westminster riding. He was elected as the party’s leader in 2018, after joining the party the year before.

“The provincial election was only a couple months away and I was trying to find a political home. I was an odd political creature, fiscally conservative but socially liberal,” he said in a statement to the Record. “I first encountered libertarian ideas in 2012 seeing Ron Paul's effort to become the Republican Nominee for U.S. president. He spoke against wars of aggression; he articulated a clearly defined role for government and preached a tolerance for others. His message resonated for me like a bell. It wasn't until I found the BC Libertarian Party in 2017 that made the connection between what Dr. Paul was saying and the libertarian political philosophy. I was hooked. I became a candidate right away and ran for president at the next annual general meeting in late 2017. The following year I was elected party leader, a post I have been honoured to hold since.”

According to Wilson, the BC Libertarian Party, which is fielding 25 candidates in ridings across B.C., puts an emphasis on limited government, civil liberties and the protection of private property rights.

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