Two party leaders made campaign stops in New West

Election in brief

The day after squaring off in Tuesday night’s leaders’ debate, two of the provincial party leaders made stops in New Westminster.

During a visit to the Queensborough Community Centre on Wednesday morning, NDP leader John Horgan outlined his party’s plan to improve seniors care. The NDP plan includes: hiring 7,000 new health-care workers in long-term and assisted living; paying care workers fair wages so they can work in one facility; eliminating multi-bed rooms in health authority-owned care facilities; and building new, better public long-term care homes with new beds.

“The BC Liberals passed laws that devastated long-term care and led to the layoffs of 10,000 workers, most of whom were women,” Horgan said in a news release. “This left care homes dangerously understaffed and put seniors at risk during the pandemic. The changes we’ve made, to care for seniors and prevent outbreaks, have saved lives. But we know there’s more to do.”

New Westminster NDP candidate Jennifer Whiteside and Richmond-Queensborough NDP candidate Aman Singh joined their party leader at the Queensborough Community Centre.

On Wednesday afternoon, BC Green Party leader Sonja Furstenau visited Anvil Centre, where she released the BC Greens’ full platform. The party’s platform targets a number of areas, including: public education; child care flexibility for families; income security; housing affordability; equity and inclusion; small business and tourism; vibrant cities; public  transit; carbon neutrality; Indigenous reconciliation; seniors care; clean, sustainable jobs; forestry; food security; and more. You can read more about that here.

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