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#GardenTok: the best green thumb advice on TikTok

With wild summer weather in BC, novice gardeners might be a little unsure about whether or not it’s time to start planting vegetables and herbs. #GardenTok can help.
 Yulia Reznikov:Moments:Getty Images
How, when and what to plant in your garden according to the #gardentok experts.

With wild late spring/early summer weather, novice gardeners might be a little confused about whether or not it’s time to start planting. And if it is time to start, where to begin: herbs, veggies, flowers?

#GardenTok experts have a lot of advice and helpful videos to navigate common questions like “Can I reuse soil” and creative ideas like turning old laundry baskets into planters.

We’ve compiled some of the best green thumbs on TikTok to help your garden grow.

@islandgardenstead on Vancouver Island has so much practical advice presented in an approachable way, from her tour of a what to get at a dollar store to tomato seeding.

@islandgardenstead Spring Salad Greens in a soil bag. This can be started in a greenhouse or in a clear bin outside in early spring/end of winter! #islandgardenstead #springgarden ♬ Own brand freestyle transition - Nijah

@madelinetriesherbest lives in Portland, so the weather is often comparable to parts of B.C. Her videos are casual but super informative and she covers both indoor and outdoor growing and covers projects big (like building a garden bed) and relatable (trying to identify sprouts that haven’t been labelled). She also has a free downloadable template to help keep track of what went in the ground and when.

@madelinetriesherbest Save a major bag alert 🚨💰#gardentok #gardening #garden2022 #planttok #savemoney #compost #gardenhack #hugelkultur #majorbagalert #gardentips #plants ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Ontario-based @garden_know_how’s feed is full of super useful tips, like how to grow a bunch of lettuce, how to stop mint from overtaking a garden and a tour of a robust herb garden.

@garden_know_how 7 Plant you can start right now as seeds in early spring! 🌱🥬💕 #garden#gardentok#seedlings#spring#ontario#lettuce#spinach ♬ Bluegrass2 - skern

Urban farmers will find so much good stuff on @spicymoustache, who has tips on how to prune, compost and growing a vertical garden. (He also forages, ferments, cans and makes his own beeswax salve.)

@spicymoustache Top 5 Gardening Hacks for a small growing space! #foryoupage #fyp #fy #gardentok #gardening #gardeningtips #learnontiktok #gardeninghacks #learnwithme ♬ Aquarium - Kevin MacLeod

@judybaogarden is an adorable family affair, led by a son who films his mom Judy as she manages her lush and bountiful 25-year-old garden. She shares tips on how to regrow bok choy, plant garlic, put together a mini greenhouse and a DIY plant watering system.

@judybaogarden How mom regrows Bok Choy from the stalk after cooking! #gardeninghack #bokchoy #tiktokdiy #gardening #gardentok ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) - 山口夕依

With so much green thumb inspiration, we’ve put together a go-to garden list:

Sow Easy Vegetable Seed Packs ($2.99 at Canadian Tire).

Earth Box Planter Kit ($69.99 at Rona).

Miracle-Gro Shake and Feed Tomato, Fruit and Vegetable Plant ($19.99 at Rona).

Jiffy Seed Tray Starter Kit with 72 peat pellets ($12.49 at Home Hardware).