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'It's disgusting': B.C. man offering free housing for 'girlfriend with benefits'

The man is renting "a little one-bedroom studio" at no cost.
Vacation rentalKlaus Vedfelt
The Craigslist listing says the studio is available for four months.

A person has posted their studio for rent in Whistler with concerning criteria for the potential tenant. 

According to the rental listing on Craigslist, the person says the house is in the Nordic neighbourhood in Whistler and has a "little one-bedroom studio" available at "no cost."

The catch? The person is looking for a "girlfriend with benefits."

"I am a local businessman in my early 30s, handsome and fit, looking for a nice girl who wants to be in a fun, occasional relationship,” states the listing. 

B.C. Housing Minister Ravi Kahlon responded to Glacier Media’s request for comment about the listing. 

"It’s disgusting someone would try and take advantage of the housing crisis — where people are struggling to find a home they can afford — to try and force women into a situation like this,” says Kahlon.

The listing goes on to explain the arrangement, stating "no males allowed, no drugs, no pets" and asks the potential tenant to "please be mindful of electricity use," but would allow one or two girls to stay in the studio. 

It was posted on Oct. 19 and states the studio is available for four months from December to April 2024. 

Not only does the individual ask for the woman to send photos of herself to him, he says there will be a meet-and-greet at a bar in Whistler Village. 

The Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) applies to situations where a landlord-tenant relationship has already been established. The Residential Tenancy Act does not have any provision regarding screening processes occurring before the landlord-tenant relationship is established. 

Once an agreement has been signed, the tenant does have rights under the RTA.

“The tenant is entitled to certain rights under the RTA. Even if the landlord doesn’t prepare one, the standard terms of a tenancy agreement may still apply,” states the Residential Tenancy Branch. 

A spokesperson says the Residential Tenancy Branch is continually examining B.C.’s laws to ensure they meet its commitment to support people.


A concerning listing was posted online on Oct. 19 asking for a girlfriend with benefits in return for housing.