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7 summer jobs in Vancouver for those who love the outdoors

Hope you don't mind travelling!
summer jobs vancouver
These Vancouver summer jobs will get you outdoors and travelling!

Working and enjoying the summer sound like opposite realities, but they don't have to be. 

Though some summer jobs require sacrificing time spent outdoors, other work experiences can make the season even better. 

These seasonal jobs are great for the outdoorsy, looking-for-something-new individuals who want to see the world, be in nature and try new things. 

Rocky Mountaineer Seasonal Onboard Host

Work aboard a luxury train and see western Canada's beautiful sights. Travel while making extra cash? Talk about a summer job!

Grouse Mountain

Whether you apply for the Mountain Adventures Guide or Summer Lift Operator roles, both jobs are immersed in the outdoors with proximity to hiking trails and other fun activities to enjoy before or after your work shift. 

Foodie Tour Guide

Though it isn't too outdoorsy, guiding tourists and locals through the flavours of Vancouver sounds fun too! Don't worry, their "Serious Foodie Training" will catch you up to speed.

Adventure Tour Guide and Driver

Travel through the Rockies, Vancouver Island and Whistler while getting paid. This job doubles as a tour guide and driver, which means you'll be leading tours filled with sightseeing and adventurous activities while driving a mini-bus between destinations. It's a great way to meet new people who are visiting from all over the world and to see western Canada in a new light.

Outdoor Pool and Beach Lifeguard

Get a tan and maybe go for a swim. For those who work well under pressure, are trained in first aid and are strong swimmers, being an outdoor pool/beach lifeguard this summer is the perfect job. Those interested should mark their calendars for the two aquatic screening assessments on June 29 or July 10.


For the gardeners and plant lovers looking for a non-boring summer job, mowing lawns, trimming shrubbery and trees, and watering plants all day is a great way to spend time outside and be active.

Camp Counsellor 

If working with kids is your forte, consider being a camp counsellor this summer. Though the job requires planning activities and leading a group of campers, it's a memorable way to spend the summer outdoors and make some extra money.