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These 18 Vancouver spots rank among Canada's 100 best restaurants of 2024

Vancouver's restaurant scene has received another big boost
Ranking 7th, Published on Main is the highest-ranked Vancouver restaurant on the 2024 Canada's 100 Best Restaurants list, joining 17 other top dining destinations in the city to make the prestigious roster

Vancouver's restaurant scene has received another big boost, as Canada's 100 Best revealed its list of the nation's top places to dine on Monday, May 13.

Of the 100 coast-to-coast restaurants, 18 are in Vancouver, which is three more than we had in 2023

This year, two Vancouver restaurants made the top 10: Published on Main (7) and Kissa Tanto (10). The rankings represent a bit of a drop for both spots from last year, allowing room for a bit more Quebec and Ontario representation. 

For a second consecutive year, Montreal's Mon Lapin has taken the number one spot and the title of Canada's best restaurant of 2024. The modern wine bar began as a sibling to the city's iconic Joe Beef, which landed at number 41 in the rankings itself this year, though the wine bar has been independent since 2019.

Further down the list, the other Vancouver spots are as follows:

  • St Lawrence (14)
  • L'Abattoir (16)
  • AnnaLena (20)
  • Boulevard (22)
  • Botanist (37)
  • Maenam (42)
  • Mott 32 (47)
  • La Quercia (48)
  • Masayoshi (59)
  • Burdock & Co (62)
  • Cioppino's (64)
  • Hawskworth (67)
  • Tetsu Sushi Bar (78)
  • Savio Volpe (82)
  • Elephant (86)
  • Sushi Hil (90)

Many of the Vancouver restaurants featured on this year's Canada's 100 Best rankings are represented in other major awards, like the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, which were just announced a week ago, and the Michelin Guide, which is updated annually in October (with the occasional surprise list addition). 

Tracking changes: Which Vancouver restaurants left or joined the list in 2024?

Changes year-over-year include Tojo's dropping off the list for 2024, and the addition of Tetsu Sushi Bar, Savio Volpe, and Sushi Hil.

Of note, Cioppino's, which ranks 64th this year (up from 69th in 2023), is poised to enjoy its final months of service; chef/owner Pino Posteraro recently revealed the veteran high-end Italian restaurant will close at the end of the year rather than renew its Yaletown lease.

While Oca Pastificio also dropped off from the 2023 rankings, the circumstances are a bit unique. Oca closed suddenly last summer when its chef and co-owner Greg Dilabio passed away unexpectedly. The restaurant regrouped and relaunched a few months later as Magari by Oca. Canada's 100 Best is recognizing Magari for 2024 in its additional list of the "Best New Restaurants," with a spot in 10th place.

Magari is the only Vancouver restaurant on that list, though Victoria's Marilena (among Vancouver-based Toptable's roster of establishments) has nabbed first place.

Now in its tenth year, the gastronomic catalogue celebrates the country’s best places to dine as decided by over 100 judges chosen for their reputation and knowledge of the culinary scene.

Officials say the judges do not receive any direction on where to go and what to eat and no free meals are accepted.

Canada's 100 Best Restaurants of 2024

1 Mon Lapin (Montreal, QC) 
2 Edulis (Toronto, ON)
3 Alo (Toronto, ON)
4 20 Victoria (Toronto, ON)
5 Langdon Hall (Cambridge, ON)
6 Restaurant Pearl Morissette (Jordan Station, ON)
7 Published on Main (Vancouver, BC)
8 Beba (Verdun, QC)
9 Bar Kismet (Halifax, NS)
10 Kissa Tanto (Vancouver, BC)
11 Monarque (Montreal, QC)
12 Quetzal (Toronto, ON)
13 Montréal Plaza (Montreal, QC)
14 St. Lawrence (Vancouver, BC)
15 Dreyfus (Toronto, ON)
16 L'Abattoir (Vancouver, BC)
17 Giulia (Toronto, ON)
18 Prime Seafood Palace (Toronto, ON)
19 Toqué! (Montreal, QC)
20 AnnaLena (Vancouver, BC)
21 Cabaret l'Enfer (Montreal, QC)
22 Boulevard (Vancouver, BC)
23 River Café (Calgary, AB)
24 Canoe (Toronto, ON)
25 Eight (Calgary, AB)
26 Hexagon (Oakville, ON)
27 Marilena (Victoria, BC)
28 Riviera (Ottawa, ON)
29 Bernhardts (Toronto, ON)
30 Sushi Masaki Saito (Toronto, ON)
31 Wild Blue (Whistler, BC)
32 La Cabane d'à Côté (St-Benoît de Mirabel, QC)
33 Aburi Hana (Toronto, ON)
34 Casa Paco (Toronto, ON)
35 Mimi Chinese (Toronto, ON)
36 Portage (St. John's, NL)
37 Botanist (Vancouver, BC)
38 Sunnys Chinese (Toronto, ON)
39 Deer + Almond (Winnipeg, MB)
40 The Pine (Collingwood, ON)
41 Joe Beef (Montreal, QC)
42 Maenam (Vancouver, BC)
43 Atelier (Ottawa, ON)
44 Bar Isabel (Toronto, ON)
45 Famiglia Baldassarre (Toronto, ON)
46 D.O.P. (Calgary, AB)
47 Mott 32 (Vancouver, BC)
48 La Quercia (Vancouver, BC)
49 Sushi Yugen (Toronto, ON)
50 Salle Climatisé (Montreal, QC)
51 Au Pied de Cochon (Montreal, QC)
52 Major Tom (Calgary, AB)
53 L'Express (Montreal, QC)
54 Otto (Kitano Shokudo) (Montreal, QC)
55 Paloma (Montreal, QC)
56 Nora Gray (Montreal, QC)
57 Fogo Island Inn (Joe Batt's Arm, NL)
58 Auberge St-Mathieu (St-Mathieu, QC)
59 Masayoshi (Vancouver, BC)
60 Tanière3 (Quebec City, QC)
61 Lawrence (Montreal, QC)
62 Burdock & Co. (Vancouver, BC)
63 Bar St-Denis (Montreal, QC)
64 Cioppino’s (Vancouver, BC)
65 Pompette (Toronto, ON)
66 Giulietta (Toronto, ON)
67 Hawksworth (Vancouver, BC)
68 Pichai (Montreal, QC)
69 Bouillon Bilk (Montreal, QC)
70 Actinolite (Toronto, ON)
71 Arlo (Ottawa, ON)
72 Alma (Outremont, QC)
73 Mastard (Montreal, QC)
74 Clementine (Winnipeg, MB)
75 Supply and Demand (Ottawa, ON)
76 Ankor (Canmore, AB)
77 Bar Prima (Toronto, ON)
78 Tetsu Sushi Bar (Vancouver, BC)
79 Sabayon (Montreal, QC)
80 Le Vin Papillon (Montreal, QC)
81 Don Alfonso 1890 (Toronto, ON)
82 Savio Volpe (Vancouver, BC)
83 Foxy (Montreal, QC)
84 Gia Vin et Grill (Montreal, QC)
85 Oddbird (St. Catherine's, ON)
86 Elephant (Vancouver, BC)
87 Casavant (Montreal, QC)
88 Hearth (Saskatoon, SK)
89 Arvi (Quebec City, QC)
90 Sushi Hil (Vancouver, BC)
91 Espace Old Mill (Stanbridge, QC)
92 Yujiro (Winnipeg, MB)
93 Liverpool House (Montreal, QC)
94 Barberian's (Toronto, ON)
95 North & Navy (Ottawa, ON)
96 Hoogan et Beaufort (Montreal, QC)
97 Buvette Daphnée (Ottawa, ON)
98 Le Mousso (Montreal, QC)
99 DaiLo (Toronto, ON)
100 Park (Montreal, QC)

Canada's 100 Best: Best New Restaurants of 2024

1 Marilena (Victoria, BC)
2 Casa Paco (Toronto, ON)
3 Sushi Yugen (Toronto, ON)
4 Bar Prima (Toronto, ON)
5 Sabayon (Montreal, QC)
6 Casavant (Montreal, QC)
7 Espace Old Mill (Stanbridge, QC)
8 Buvette Daphnée (Ottawa, ON)
9 Parapluie (Montreal, QC)
10 Magari by Oca (Vancouver, BC)

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