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Check out these Christmas light displays in South Delta

Readers reach out to the Optimist with their outdoor holiday decor

We asked and you delivered the Christmas light holiday spirit in South Delta!

The past few weeks, residents in Tsawwassen and Ladner have been sharing details about their Christmas light displays.

Below are some of the highlights from our readers as well as a few other displays that other residents have pointed out to us on social media.

Guy and Leah DuHamel – 539 Erin Place, Tsawwassen

The Duhamel’s are on our list again this year.

They told us it took them a few days to set up the lights this year in between the raindrops. They enjoy lighting up their garage because it lets them play around with colours. Their garage is certainly a highlight of their display.

Emmanuel Factor – 1044 English Bluff Road, Tsawwassen

“I thought I’d bring some colour back into these dark pandemic days, so I’ve got lots of bright colourful lights to do so. Guess you could call it ‘Xmas in technicolo’,” Factor told us. “I’ve got the usual crowd favourite inflatables, colour changing trees, lasers pointing to tree canopies to replicate “colouful shimmering stars.” The display took six full days to unpack from my storage locker, test and then setup. I had an electrician upgrade my electrical service and add a few outdoor outlets with enough wattage/amps to ensure no breakers pop this year (hopefully anyways). Never was much into counting number of led lights but I know there’s a lot!

“As I am on the downslope of English Bluff Road hill I will not take offence if visitors wish to walk down the driveway to get a better look at the full display. Just mind your step for slippery areas. Who knows, if I’m home and in the yard, you will get a warm welcome and maybe a candy cane. The full display will be on every day from 3 p.m. to midnight until Jan. 4.”

Owen Pighin - 476 Milsom Wynd, Tsawwassen

“I have been doing lights for years… since 2007 in Tsawwassen,” said Pighin. “It takes about two weeks to set them up. I add more lights every year. I have no idea how many lights, but many have called our house the gingerbread house. There are many nicer displays in Tsawwassen for sure and it is fantastic to have a list of all the decorated homes.”

Scott Mitchell - 4859 13th Avenue, Tsawwassen

“My dad spends hours each year putting together his light display,” writes daughter Michelle in her submission. “As another year passes with COVID and new variants, he would like to send Christmas joy to everyone in the neighborhood. He wants to thank everyone for keeping our community safe.”

Douglas Forst – 218 Centennial Parkway, Boundary Bay

“This is our second year for lights on Centennial Parkway. It takes three to four days and a lot of climbing around to put it all up,” said Forst. “We add more every year. Stuff needs maintenance too, had to spend a couple of days fixing lights and fans for all the stuff. It’s just a fun hobby.”

Kathleen Carswell - 5275 Camaro Drive, Tsawwassen

“Camaro Drive has a very high percentage of resident participation in brightening up the winter street and a few keep adding to their displays each year,” said Carswell. “We do have many cars and people walking by enjoying the colours and displays in our neighbourhood.”

The Anderson's - 1351 Beach Grove Road

Star Wars themed Christmas, complete with Rudolph AT-AT, and a snow-speeder pulled by Tauntauns.

“We enjoy making our displays so much for Halloween, that we're not ready to take it down just yet,” said Heather Anderson. “It took us three months to build - though only two to three days to put the Christmas lights up.”

Meiric Preece - 5374 46 Avenue, Ladner

It is a cul-de-sac worth a visit for sure as Meiric and Kathy Preece and his neighbours Bob and Eileen Matheson, Rick and Paulette Wyenberg, Brenden and Lindsay Maxwell and Peter and Beatriz Freudenriech go all out to create a wonderful, festive experience.

“My lights and ornaments extend into my neighbours’ property and they both add lights to complete the display,” said Meiric. “The neighbours on each side of them also put on a good display and the five homes together in the half cul-de-sac are worth a visit. This year I have recovered from my injury to my right foot enough that I could navigate the roof and climb a ladder. I built the star this year and added a lot more lights. It took me about three weeks to get everything up.”

Candy Cane Lane – 4600-4700-55A Street, Ladner

“We have approximately 32 people on our street and we’ve been doing this for around 20 years now,” says resident Rose Easthom. “It takes some of us days because we have so much and others a few hours. It started with my husband and myself making wood candy canes for everyone on the street many years ago.”

Adam Lockhart - 5542 49 Avenue, Ladner

“I am submitting our home for the light display on behalf of my husband Adam. It took him a couple of weeks to get everything out slowly throughout all the rainy weather but he was a trooper,” says Adam’s wife Taylor. “He’s slowly been collecting Christmas lights for over a decade. Fun fact, we have two sheds in the backyard and one is a dedicated “Christmas Shed” to store everything! We are very excited, as this year will be the first year our daughter Gemma will be able to see and understand all the lights at just 15/16 months old, she is now our inspiration to keep adding more lights year after year.”

Evan Pighin - 4923 44B Avenue, Ladner

Since moving to Ladner a few years ago, Evan has been inspired by his dad Owen and his big display in Tsawwassen to also go all out with new ideas and strings of lights each year. The set up took about two weeks. He set up a sparkling waterfall of lights, lights on the roof and thousands of other twinkling lights.

Neil and Cathy Carter - 4964 54th Street, Ladner

Cherry Lane is decorated with pink blossoms in the spring, but at Christmas time, it’s the Carter’s residence that sparkles and dazzles with delight.

“My husband [Neil] tells the neighbours that it has been a 15-year tradition to hang an extra string of lights ‘for my wife’ every year,” said Cathy. “He takes great pride starting late November to position each light with perfection and dedication and in doing so he truly does embody the glowing and festive spirit of the season.”

Chris and Tammy Davies – 6199 45 Avenue, Ladner

“As our house is on the corner of 62nd Street and 45th Avenue, we are able to spread our festive decor across both sides,” said Tammy. “Each year as a family we take two days to set up our yard. We break out the Christmas music and festive drinks and chat with anyone that stops to say hello and thank us for doing all the work. That is our inspiration behind it all, we light up the neighborhood and put smiles on peoples’ faces, that makes it all worthwhile.

“This year we have added a Grinch-themed photo op area where you can take a seat on the bench and take a memory. We have had many families enjoying it as well as furry friends. Our decor is a mix of lights, characters, Santas, snowmen, hand crafted lollipops and snowflakes, and new house lights that can be customized each day.”

Other Light displays (not submitted, but suggested by other residents)

Rosehill Wynd, Tsawwassen

12-66th Street, Boundary Bay

938 53A Street, Tsawwassen

44B Avenue Ladner (between 46A and Kelly Drive)

The Tsawwassen Rotary Club Gift of Light in Diefenbaker Park

Festival of Lights at Tsawwassen Springs

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