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Delta throwback: The old Ladner Meat Market building

A new structure is now on the site
The unnamed building was there for a century. It was torn down and the site left vacant for several years until a feasible development was approved.

It was there for a century but made way for a new development in Ladner Village.

Most recently occupied by a barber shop before it was torn down in 2019, the building at 4868 Delta St. formerly housed the Ladner Meat Market, located next to Granny Wilson's house.

The meat market business was located there from 1913 to 1942. The building was later occupied by a bicycle shop and then other businesses.

The structure was on the city’s heritage inventory but was unnamed, simply listed as a commercial building circa 1918.

Council several years ago approved a redevelopment for the property and an adjacent vacant property that would have seen a new two-and-a-half-storey mixed-use building at the combined sites.

It was subsequently torn down, but the site sat vacant as the owner, and then a new owner, couldn’t find a developer who considered the project feasible.

Council eventualy approved a new zoning amendment and a development permit for another mixed-use commercial/residential building application, but this time with an increase in height and a reduction in strata lot area.

The new three-storey building will be compatible with other buildings along Delta Street, according to the planning department.