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“Golden ticket” will determine Delta’s Fire-Chief-For-A-Day winner

One lucky Delta elementary student will randomly win popular contest
School lottery
Delta fire department’s mascot “Flash” shows what the “golden ticket” will look like for one lucky Delta elementary school student who will become Fire-Chief-For-A-Day and join Delta fire Chief Guy McKintuck (second from left) for an exciting day of activities.

It’s a new and exciting twist to Delta Fire Department’s popular Fire-Chief-For-A-Day contest.

Typically, the Fire Prevention Week contest would be an application process for all Delta students in Kindergarten to Grade 4 and a winner would be selected. COVID-19 prevented the contest from happening a year ago and the department has made some changes for it to proceed and take the place of its usual school visits this year.

“Once again, we won’t be going out to the schools to do our education process,” explained Deputy fire Chief Dave Wood. “Instead, we have partnered up with some people in the community and we got grab bags for all the students with educational material inside of them. Every K-to-4 kid will get a grab bag with some colouring stuff inside and it will also direct them to the (National Fire Prevention Association) web page so mom and dad can find out a lot more about fire safety.”

The department is well aware some students may not even bother to look through their bag. That’s where the Fire-Chief-For-Day contest kicks in.

“One of these grab bags will have a ‘Willy Wonka’ style golden ticket inside. Some child is going to open up his or her bag and will be the winner of our Fire-Chief-For-A-Day. It’s going to be totally random and we know they will be looking through their bags and at least digging into the information too,” continued Wood.

“They will be able to have breakfast with the fire Chief and mayor and then attend one of our fire halls. With safety pre-cautions in place, they will be able to participate in some firefighting drills, some auto extrication and some high angle adventures. It’ still going to be a good day for one child in Delta that’s for sure.”