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Myrtle’s hot dog day is back at The Wexford

On June 18 help support the Alzheimer's Society of B.C. at this popular fundraiser
WEX John Meier Hotdog Day 2019
John Meier, the owner of Myrtles Hot Dog Cart, has already heard from fans who will travel from around Metro Vancouver to for little taste of Coney Island.

After a two-year COVID-19 hiatus, The Wexford's biggest event of the year has returned!

Myrtle's Famous New York and Chicago-style dogs will be available at a family-friendly event raising funds for the Alzheimer's Society of BC this Saturday, June 18 from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Long-time Tsawwassenites fondly remember waiting in line at Myrtle's Famous Hot dogs to savour a classic New York or Chicago-style dog right in the heart of Tsawwassen town centre.

These days, Myrtle's fans have just one chance a year to get their hands on the coveted dogs. And John Meier, the owner of Myrtles Hot Dog Cart, has already heard from fans who will travel from around Metro Vancouver for a little taste of Coney Island.

“A Chicago Dog is not a real Chicago Dog without super green relish and sports peppers,” said Meier. “We import gallons of these just for this event.”

He named his business in memory of his Grandma Myrtle, who was the first to introduce young John to the famous Coney Island hot dog.

For five years, he served hot dogs that would make Grandma Myrtle proud. He hung up his tongs after unsuccessfully attempting to find a brick and mortar location for Myrtle's, a disappointment for Tsawwassen hot dog lovers but a boon for residents at The Wexford, where he joined the Recreation Team.  

“In the three years we did this event before the pandemic, we served 1,100 hot dogs and raised more than $12,000,” he said. “It's pretty incredible to see our community make a significant contribution to research and support for those living with Alzheimer's.” 

This year, for a $10 donation, diners can enjoy: a Myrtle's classic New York Dog served with sauerkraut, mustard and fried onions; Myrtle's traditional Chicago Dog includes mustard, super green relish, dill pickle spear, tomato wedges, sweet onions, sports peppers and celery salt on a poppy seed bun or The Wexford's South Asian Special Dog with curried mayo, mango-papaya salsa and Haloumi Cheese.

Make it a combo by adding hot and fresh seasoned Kettle Chips and a cold beverage for a minimum $15 donation.

The hot dogs are 1/4 lb, 100 per cent beef and Thrifty Foods in Tsawwassen have generously donated the freshly baked buns.

“We're pretty excited to be able to invite our neighbours and friends out to join us for a good party; it's something we've missed these past two years,” says Jane Bryce, General Manager at The Wexford. 

Guests will enjoy classic rock by Peter Dean, lead singer of the popular ‘70s Vancouver band Teen Angel and the Rockin' Rebels. Family-friendly entertainer Matt Levy will delight everyone with bowling-ball jugging and hilarious antics.