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Seniors living the good life at KinVillage

People often see care homes and assisted living facilities as institutionalized environments, but for those at KinVillage, it is a vibrant community.
KinVillage Octoberfest
Residents at KinVillage relished the Oktoberfest luncheon held at the West Court. Events like this promote socializing and emotional wellness amongst older adults, defying the age old belief that care homes and retirement living communities are institutionalized environments.

KinVillage, is known for quality of care, affordable housing, and a wide range therapeutic activities and events available to older persons living on site and from the community. From concerts, happy hour socials, pop up coffee shops, movie matinees and fashion shows, there is something for everyone!

People often see care homes and assisted living facilities as institutionalized environments, but for those at KinVillage, it is a vibrant community.

The focus on enabling older persons with engaging programs and services proving quality of life giving a sense of something to look forward to each day. It is critical to have meaning and purpose to reduce feelings of isolation and isolation which may accompany life in care.  Promoting healthy living and wellness gives a sense of focus for older persons as they engage within the KinVillage community.

After more than a year and a half of limited access to amenities due to COVID-19 restrictions, regular programs are resuming.

The Community Centre has recently re-opened featuring fitness, art and music classes. Buenos Dias Café located inside the Community Centre is now open for dine in, and Unique Boutique, also located inside the Community Centre, re-opens the last week of October for those who are looking for some stylish pieces of gently used clothing.

Folks around here never run out of things to do. One of the most recent highlights was an Oktoberfest luncheon held in West Court, the long term care home. Older adults enjoyed delicious German food and beer while cheerfully singing along to the live traditional folk band in a celebratory and thoughtfully decorated space. It was truly a lively, festive and authentic experience that magically transported them to a Bavarian beer garden.

That is just one example of the many ways KinVillage offers elders the opportunity to socialize, participate in a spectrum of activities and celebrate life. No occasion is missed and no fun is spared as an emphasis is placed on the needs of older persons and the community, striving to continuously improve services and quality of life.

There is never a shortage of delicious food to savor, curated music to listen to, arts and crafts to create and entertainment to enjoy, and health and wellness programs to participate in. All of that, combined with affordable housing and loving care, will always be available and even more older adults will benefit in the future as KinVillage progresses in its plans to redevelop and expand its existing properties.

The completion of the multi-phase master plan project will allow more than double the current number of older persons to call this hidden gem in the South Delta community home.