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Upcoming workshop aims to get seniors more active

Free session set for next week at KinVillage in Tsaw

There is a lot of discussion and concern expressed about the growing seniors population and what that is going to mean for the future of an already overstressed health care system.

When most seniors and those nearing retirement talk about their future, they are focused on maintaining good health and independence. They do not want to be a burden to their family. But saying that and achieving it can be two different things.

Seniors who are physically active will have lower rates of falls and fractures. They will have a better quality of life with less chance of developing chronic health conditions.

Walking is an easy way to add physical activity to daily routine, especially if you are able to walk while doing errands.

The Delta Seniors Planning Team is hosting a workshop about reducing health risks and maintaining good health through physical activity. Sepia Sharma, Delta community health specialist with Fraser Health, will talk about the many health benefits of walking, how to prevent falls and information on accessing walk pathways.

The workshop will be held Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 1: 30 p.m. at the KinVillage Community Centre, 543010th Ave., Tsawwassen.

Following the workshop presentation, there will be a discussion of the "walkability" - where is it easy to walk and where are there barriers - of the Tsawwassen area. The information collected will be used by the Delta Seniors Planning Team to conduct a report on the walkability and "rollability" of Tsawwassen.

A team of seniors with varying degrees of mobility, from walking with a mobility aid to using a wheelchair or scooter, will assess the areas identified in the workshop. The information collected in this study will be published for seniors and the community to raise awareness of the importance of a community that has good walking space for its residents.

There are plans to do a similar workshop and report in Ladner on Saturday, Sept. 15.

The workshop is free and open to anyone interested in this topic. For more information call 604-946-9526 or email lynw@deltassist. com.