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Minister's Minute: Coming through the storm

Where we find Jesus, we also find resurrection and new life
Religion sailing column

Sailing is not my idea of a good time. Friends of ours had a sailboat that they invited us to one weekend. This was the first time I would ever be on a sailboat and was quite excited. Like a kid with a new toy, the first time we were heading to the sailboat I could barely contain myself.

The day was perfect, and the lake calm and still with a light breeze over the water. As soon as were on open water up went the sails. Then everything changed. The boat lurched to one side as the sails caught the wind. I thought I was going to die. In my mind, boats are not supposed to be on their side!

Regardless of how anyone tried to convince me that in fact this was all supposed to happen and that this is indeed how sailboats sail, I was not convinced. It was a harrowing experience for me and I couldn’t understand why everyone else was calm, and having a good time.

This is the story that always comes to mind when I read the passage where Jesus is asleep on the boat during a terrific storm, Mark 4: 35-41. The disciples wake Jesus up and he calms the storm and asks what they are afraid of. A far cry from a perfect day with a light breeze across the water, this was a nightmare of a storm.

What stands out for me is that Jesus is in the storm with them. Where we find Jesus, we also find resurrection and new life. As we experience the life changing storms in our life, we find God in the storm with us guiding us to new life.

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