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Minister's Minute: I need an anchor for my life

No matter what happens, you can anchor yourself to Him in the waves

Our world is changing and evolving daily. At times it’s becoming better, and other times worse. That’s just like us, who are hopefully becoming better at life. But maybe you are becoming worse.

The thing I have found that makes many of us feel overwhelmed is the unknown. We are in a storm of constant change and new rules, and it feels like the waves are getting higher. The whole world feels overwhelming.

Yet as Christians, we should not be. Why? We would say because of God. So what difference does God make in a changing world that’s becoming more uncertain? And why trust Him anyway?

Theologians refer to the immutability of God, meaning God is always the same, even in a world that’s constantly changing. To know that our God is not influenced or challenged by changing times allows us to rest in His stability. He has always been here, and He will always be here.

He doesn’t change and He’s not becoming anything. He already IS. God sometimes referred to Himself as the “I AM.” He says to Moses from a burning bush, “I AM who I AM.” (Exodus 3:14)

Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” But this does not mean that God is not involved in our lives, because in the Bible we clearly see that He is, even if you don’t see it.

But His character… who He is, that won’t ever change. No matter what happens in our world, no matter how you feel, this will always remain true. God is love. God is powerful. God is present. God is faithful. God is in control.

Do we know all the reasons for all the changes in the world? No! Have things in your life changed unexpectedly? Yes! Especially during Covid, almost daily. Do you know when this is all going to be over? We don’t, and it looks like it could be a while.

But here is what you do know, God will always remain the same.  No matter what happens, you can anchor yourself to Him in the waves. If you need a rock that you can cling to that will not be moved, God is that Rock. You can count on Him.