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Minister's Minute: Safely to the other Side

Though some may not like to admit it, it’s a question many of us have or will ask God at some point
Holy week

In the 4th chapter of the Gospel According to Mark, we read about a perilous journey taken by Jesus and his disciples across the Sea of Galilee.

At the height of a storm which threatens to sink the boat, the disciples were astounded to find Jesus sleeping. In desperation, they asked: “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”

Though some may not like to admit it, it’s a question many of us have or will ask God at some point.

We will all move through our share of storms, collectively and individually. During those times, the sense of certainty and assurance through which we will normally move through life will suddenly disappear. Then we will ask. Has God fallen asleep? Doesn’t God care?

Those are the kinds of questions that filled the heart and mind of Job, a biblical character who had, through no fault of his own, suffered enormously. He wanted an explanation from God, but didn’t get one. Instead, God invited him to contemplate the marvels of creation. Job came to realize God’s incredible, immeasurable power. He said to God: “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.”(Job 42:2)

You have been created with purpose! The Bible teaches that the human life journey isn’t some kind of random, meaningless passage through space and time. We have been created to be in relationship with our creator, with each other, and creation. Sin has broken that relationship.

Through the forgiveness of your sin, God has promised you eternal life. No, God may not be doing the things we believe God should be doing and how God should be doing them. The disciples didn’t think Jesus should be sleeping, and had lost faith in him. But he delivered them. The Bible teaches that God will deliver what God has promised.

Through Jesus Christ, God has made a promise to you—the promise that your sins are forgiven and that will be given eternal life. It is not a promise that your life will be free of suffering or pain. But it is a promise that God will deliver you safely to the other side.