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Minister's Minute: Summer Check-up

I hope you are enjoying the glorious summer days in our beautiful city
View to the sea from Halfmoon Bay wooden  harbour, Sunshine cost, British Columbia

I hope you are enjoying the glorious summer days in our beautiful city. We’re almost halfway through summer already. I hope you are spending time intentionally rather than allowing time to slip away this summer. Here are some suggestions on how to redeem the time this summer:

1. Take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy an intentional time of rest. Summer provides an amazing opportunity for us to enjoy the fruit of our toil (Eccles. 2:24). If you can take time off to travel, this is a great time to do that. In Exodus, God is portrayed as the Anti-Pharaoh who frees us from slavery. It is good for us to delight in the rest that he provides. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath—he wants us to rest in him. He sees us as his vice-regents in his kingdom rather than slaves. Your productivity is important, but God is after your heart and desires a relationship with you more than just your productivity. So, celebrate being under his reign by enjoying the good things he has given you.

2. Take care of one another. Although Sabbath is important, resting does not mean we have to stop doing good. Jesus demonstrated that he did not stop doing good for other people on the Sabbath (Mt. 12:9-13). Summer can be a difficult time for non-profit organizations because volunteers go away for the summer. If you have some time to volunteer at organizations that help other people thrive, consider volunteering. Also, you may know people battling mental and physical illnesses. They don’t get a break just because it’s summer. Even while you enjoy a restful season, think of those who are experiencing loneliness and hurt, and take some time to serve them with your presence. Be creative and discover how you can find joy in life and serve the people you love at the same time. This may look like taking them out for a picnic lunch or inviting them out to a hike next time you plan a hiking trip.

I hope the rest of your summer will be restful and purposeful.