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This North Delta exercise clinic is transforming lives, and attitudes, at its “anti-gym"

It’s been open for only six months, but a new exercise clinic in North Delta is already changing the lives of local residents. However, this is no ordinary gym.

It’s been open for only six months, but a new exercise clinic in North Delta is already changing the lives of local residents. However, this is no ordinary gym. In fact, LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic likes to describe itself as the “anti-gym,” a place where how you feel is more important than how you look and where people get a lot of support to achieve their goals.

LIVE WELL is a medical fitness clinic that’s built on the belief that exercise is medicine. Specializing in safe, supervised exercise and healthy-lifestyle coaching for people who have chronic health conditions or want to prevent them; it helps its Members make sustainable changes to their lifestyle to live healthier and happier lives.

Members come to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic for many different reasons, whether to lose weight, lower cholesterol, be active with their grandchildren, improve blood pressure, have more energy, combat stress or to continue playing tennis until they’re 80 years old. 

So how is it doing? We asked three local Delta residents to tell us how LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic has changed their lives.

“I joined LIVE WELL because I needed an exercise program that would help alleviate the chronic pain of fibromyalgia and arthritis, and help my body to move with more freedom.”

Connie has been coming to LIVE WELL for two years and now frequents the newly opened North Delta Clinic. At 50, she finds her health is now more important to her than ever before.

So what keeps her engaged and inspired at LIVE WELL?

“Where do I start?  The incredibly fun, knowledgeable and caring staff take the time to check in with each Member on a personal level.  The program is set up according to the exercises my body needs to heal and become stronger, while tracking and monitoring my progress.”  LIVE WELL Members have their progress updates regularly communicated back to their family doctor by LIVE WELL’s Clinical Exercise Physiologists.  This relationship with doctors in the local communities where LIVE WELL Clinics operate (across Canada!) is a truly unique and powerful feature of the program.

It’s not just exercise that Connie is benefiting from either. As part of their clinically-focussed approach to wellness, LIVE WELL also offers advice on healthy eating, with on-site health coaches helping members to understand the role that nutrition can play in a healthy lifestyle.

“The accountability of having a health coach keeps me honest and real about the foods I eat and my activity level.”

Beyond the physical, Connie’s emotional journey is just as important as her fitness.

“I've also been able to use tools that I've gained through my emotional recovery, to push myself forward in my physical recovery through exercising at LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic. I also have a lot better balance, more confidence, and feel better after exercising...”

“At my age I was feeling stiffness in my knees and having difficulty going up and down the stairs.”

After reading about LIVE WELL’s clinical approach to health, Qamrul joined as a Member even before the clinic opened its doors in March, making her one of the Clinic’s original Members!

“My clinical team at LIVE WELL tracks vitals such as weight, heart rate and body measurements.  A Baseline Assessment is performed at the beginning of the program and then followed up by regular assessments.  I can compare my assessments and over time see the real positive changes occurring in my body.”

Personalized expertise and support are also key aspects of LIVE WELL. The clinics are staffed by Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Professionals.  Experts in their field, the team creates personalized plans specifically tailored to each Member’s health history and goals. They also monitor vitals during exercise sessions and work closely with Members’ Physicians to create plans that are geared towards improving their health; something that is key for someone like Qamrul.

“The positive atmosphere and the culture of support and encouragement all help me in achieving my overall health vision:  To improve my health and live the best quality of life that I can,” explains Qamrul. “What keeps me at LIVE WELL is the welcoming staff and their genuine concern for my well-being as well as their expertise.”

“Today, I am able to do my gardening for longer periods with no shoulder pain.  I have lost 3lbs, have more energy during the day and I feel good about myself. “

“I needed a regular workout every week to help me try to get back in shape and feel better about myself.”

Ellen joined on the recommendation of a friend five months ago, shortly after the LIVE WELL North Delta Clinic opened.  In those five months she has already made progress towards her goals.

“Each month your program changes as you become more competent at doing your set of exercises and with this change the staff reviews your plan to see what works and what doesn't.  Changes are made only if you are comfortable with the new exercises.”

Like all LIVE WELL members Ellen has had her workouts specifically designed to suit her unique health and fitness needs. Taking into account her abilities and limitations, her routines are constantly evolving to keep up with her changing health.

“Darren and Kiran (Ellen’s clinical team) are interested in your health and well-being and do not push anything on you if you are not ready.”

We’ve all signed up for a gym with the very best of intentions, only for our best laid plans to fall by the wayside. LIVE WELL understands this, and knows how easy it is for exercise to fall to the bottom of your to-do list. So for Ellen, another part of the appeal of the clinic is the flexibility and accountability. 

“Because of the program feature which allows me to change my scheduled session time online [with up to 4 hours notice], I am able to keep up with changes in my life at short notice.”

After just a few short months, Ellen is seeing the benefits of a regular routine each week.

“I feel better about myself and love the routine each week.”

If you are trying to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, decrease your blood pressure, or just want to get healthier then LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic can help.  LIVE WELL specializes in delivering personalized exercise plans in a supervised environment along with healthy lifestyle-coaching.  The LIVE WELL program is custom-tailored to each Member’s unique medical history and focuses on overall health and well-being.