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Author goes on road trip but doesn't use the car

Yves Engler to speak at Ladner Library on Sunday

When we think of a road trip, we automatically think of a car, but what if you went on a road trip but didn't travel in a car?

That is the story of Yves Engler's book, Stop Signs: Cars and Capitalism.

Engler will be at the Ladner Pioneer Library this Sunday for an event at 2 p.m.

The book details how Engler, a Montreal native, decides to escape the cold and travel through the U.S. using buses, trains and transit, but no cars.

"Yves describes the various places he visits and also weaves his travel tales into a convincing argument against the auto economy and car culture," says Cathy Wilander of the Council of Canadians, which is sponsoring the event.

Joining Engler will be Eric Doherty, a transportation planner and transit activist. Doherty will look at how to plan transportation systems to meet the needs of people and communities.

"An example of poor transportation planning was when we lost our direct 601 bus service into Vancouver; that was essentially a service cut," says Wilander.

"(The trip) is now longer and requires transferring, waiting, standing in crowded buses and trains to go where many used to go comfortably on one bus."

All are welcome to attend Sunday's event. West Coast Seeds has donated a gift certificate for a prize draw and there will be a draw for all who take transit, walk or bike to the library.