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Book launch planned to coincide with Bog Day

For Peat's Sake, an informative look at Burns Bog and other peatlands, brings topic into schools and homes

As part of International Bog Day activities this Sunday, the Burns Bog Conservation Society is launching its latest publication: For Peat's Sake: A Complete Classroom Study on Burns Bog and Other Peatlands.

Delta North MLA Guy Gentner will be in attendance to buy the first copy.

For Peat's Sake was written in response to the increased demand for local educational materials about climate change and the global effects of natural systems. Burns Bog plays a major role in both of these areas.

The book gives educators reading materials and crosscurriculum activities that follow the B.C. Ministry of Education's learning guidelines. To ensure teaching needs are met, Surrey teacher Corinne Issel collaborated on the project.

Now kids and educators can learn why Burns Bog and other peatlands are Canada's most important ecosystems.

"One of my aims in writing this book," said author Karla Olson, "was to help kids be curious and to show them the people behind the science. To do this, the layout of the book is like a children's magazine.

"It is full of hand drawn illustrations by Nicole Skutelnik, which includes Boglin Bear and other characters from Skutelnik's previous books; it has quotes from organizations and scientists; and I hope to surprise and delight readers when they discover information about photosynthetic slugs and poop."

Did you know that the surface of a bog can move up and down? Did you know people and things can stay preserved in a bog for thousands of years? Or that bogs don't have rocks in them.

Not a teacher? Adults and children can still discover the difference between a wetland and land that is wet in For Peat's Sake: The Story of Burns Bog and other Peatlands.

For kids and adults, this 103-page illustrated book includes a special gift-giving page to write your personal message.

International Bog Day festival takes place Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Planet Ice, 10388 Nordel Court.

Activities actually start at 9 a.m. with the annual Jog for the Bog, a trail run through the Delta Nature Reserve.

After the jog, anyone can come out to enjoy live stage performers, engaging exhibitors, children's activities and tours through Burns Bog.

Local talent like Good Question, Five Day Weekend, Delta Blue, Born Within Rust, Surrey Sun Hang Do, Cause4Drama and Divine Hips will all perform at International Bog Day.

For more information on the books or festival, visit