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Growing Together the latest show at Gallery 1710

Growing Together is ongoing until March 28

What a great title to describe the new show at Gallery 1710 on 56th Street.

Our last show was dedicated to the amazing hangers who managed to take diverse images and objects and place them in a cohesive showcase to best maximize the impact of the works.

This show, which opened last Saturday, Feb. 27, is even more remarkable with a display of paintings, ceramics and sculptures.  

Two of our featured paintings are Morning at Lighthouse Park – beautifully captured by Nancy Dean, and another lovely landscape entitled Westcoast magic by Jacqueline Wrightson. Our west coast is a rainy place that we’ve coped with that this winter, but the paintings show the lovely green spaces and remarkable trees, our sustainable forest which is a gift of the rain. 

Ailsa Brown’s ceramics are light in weight, and covered with the organic forms which Ailsa captures so well. She has bowls, plates, and vases – some of which are mounted on wood so they may be hung on walls.

Lee Price’s sculptures are tiny busts of the many dogs she has nurtured over the years. Her love of birds inspired her to shape clay into crows and her sense of humour changed the names to become artists.

If you have a yen to escape your confined space, head down to the Gallery this Saturday or Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. Two of our artists are always there to answer queries, and also give you insights about the techniques used to produce the works, or to tell you something about the artists who dedicate their time and energy to art.

If you have a yen to paint, check out the website at: for classes and membership. We now have zoom meetings once a month as well as classes online. We are following Bonnie Henry’s guidelines for safety and contract tracing – so be safe, be well, and make the gallery a destination.

Growing Together is ongoing until March 28.