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Pebble Hill wins ElectroRecycle challenge

Tsawwassen school diverts 475 kilograms from landfill
pebble hill
Pebble Hill Elementary receives a $1,000 cheque from B.C.’s ElectroRecycle program last week after winning a district-wide recycling challenge.

Tsawwassen's Pebble Hill Elementary was presented with $1,000 from B.C.'s ElectroRecycle program last week after winning a district-wide recycling challenge and helping to divert 475 kilograms of products away from landfills.

The challenge consisted of a week-long collection event, where students and parents were encouraged to learn about recycling beyond the blue bin by bringing their old, unwanted or broken small electrical appliances and power tools to be recycled at bins set up across the school district.

With a total of eight schools participating, nearly two tonnes worth of product was recycled.

"This was a fantastic initiative for the kids, the school and the community," said Pebble Hill principal Claire Clancy. "The students, staff and parents all learned so much about the program, and were surprised to learn that there were, in fact, many products they had lying around at home that could be recycled, rather than ending up in the landfill."

ElectroRecycle is the first small appliance and power tool recycling program of its kind in Canada and the only governmentapproved electrical products recycling program in B.C. ElectroRecycle, a not-for-profit program, accepts more than 300 electrical products ranging from electric toothbrushes and countertop microwave ovens to hand-held drills to treadmills.

There are more than 175 drop-off locations that collect ElectroRecycle materials throughout B.C. For more information on accepted products, visit