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Tsawwassen dancers get their ‘golden buzzer’

Vancouver dance crew onto semi-finals of Canada’s Got Talent

Tsawwassen’s Emily and Eric Sun have had a ‘golden moment.’

The dancers, part of the 17-member group GRVMNT, are off to the semi-final round of Canada’s Got Talent after receiving the golden buzzer from judge Lilly Singh during the March 29th episode of the show.

After a thrilling performance from the dancers, the judges’ heaped praise on the team with Singh telling them “you could win this whole thing,” after she awarded them the coveted golden buzzer.

The show is being filmed in Niagara Falls and all episodes have been filmed so far, including the semifinals.

The Optimist first introduced readers to Emily, 19 and Eric, 16, two years ago when both were competing on separate teams on the NBC show World of Dance.

“This group was put together specifically for Canada’s Got Talent back in September,” said Emily. “It’s a big group, but everyone has been dancing in the same studio for years.”

Eric said the group has been training since last summer.

“We really started stepping up when we were getting close to the first show being filmed,” added Eric.

Getting the golden buzzer was an amazing moment, they said.

“It was like a sign that our hard work paid off, not just the past few months, but all the years we have been dancing,” said Emily. “The golden buzzer was such a relief for us, but it was an extra bonus. Being on stage in front of those judges, in front of Canada was already such a blessing for us and it was just an amazing experience.”

Eric says it is still shocking to even talk about.

“Watching that first episode, it really hasn’t sunk in yet,” he said. “To know that we made it past the first round, the amount of tries and practice to get on that stage, it felt unreal.”

Emily and Eric said sharing this experience together is life changing for their family.

“Honestly, I never thought this moment would come,” she said. “It’s really amazing. I call this team my second family, but it hits a little closer to home when you have an actual family member on that stage. Your bonds grow closer after every practice. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share with my brother after all these years.”

Eric said like any siblings they have their ‘moments’ but he wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

“Siblings are siblings, we irritate each other sometimes, but I know what the end goal is and we all have that goal. To grow as a person, to grow in dance and be there with my sister, it’s quite emotional,” he said.

The semifinals air on May 3 and May 10 with the live finale on May 17.

Canada’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights on Citytv.