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Ladner Village Arts & Crafts offering local expertise, supplies and artisanal goods

The co-owners are hoping to encourage, support and build up the arts community all while being a hub for local shopping
Ladner arts and crafts store
Co-owners of Ladner Village Arts & Crafts Amanda Keulen and Alison Day have received an overwhelmingly positive response from community members who have popped in to explore their new store this month.

As the popularity of crafting and creating soared during the COVID pandemic, it became more and more obvious to the co-owners of Ladner Village Arts & Crafts just how needed a local arts store was within the community.

Located at 4907 Chisholm Street in the historically-significant Big Store, the newly opened business is stepping in to fill the arts store-sized hole in Ladner Village’s heart.

“It was something that we had been talking and dreaming about pre-pandemic, and it was ironically the pandemic that really spurred us into action. Everybody was baking sourdough and learning new hobbies, and they were home and looking for things to do,” says co-owner Alison Day.

Inside Ladner Village Arts & Crafts, the store is bright and open with a seemingly endless supply of items, goods and crafting inspiration.

The space closest to the front doors is their retail area, which has been categorized into six different departments depending on what kind of crafting you’re hoping to do.

Included among those departments is a space that features local artists’ work for purchase, which they plan to rotate every three months.

“We’ve interviewed them, so we’ve learned about the artists and what their process is, and how they make their craft, and where they get their supplies, so that we’re able to share with our customers a little bit about their business,” explains co-owner Amanda Keulen.

At the back of the store is their membership area, where both Keulen and Day have put out their own crafting supplies and tools for members to use and craft to their heart’s content.

“Our vision is for it to be a place for crafters to come together and work on projects together,” says Day.

“Part of a crafting mindset is bouncing ideas off each other and learning new tricks and trades that you probably didn’t know before, and so we want to build that community,” added Keulen.

Ladner Business Association president Jill McKnight says she is excited for the store to be a place of discovery within the community, as well as a refuge for people looking to express themselves creatively.

Another big part of their store is presenting both adults and children the opportunity to learn more about crafting through workshops, classes, and camps.

If you’re interested in signing up for any future events, becoming a member, booking a space for a birthday party, or looking to shop online, check out Ladner Village Arts & Crafts’ website at