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Local students get together to create their own summer job

Recent South Delta Secondary grads form Local Student Labour

Some local students have come up with a unique twist on the summer job.

Mitch Lepore and Brennan Phillips, both recent South Delta Secondary grads, decided they didn't want to spend their last summer before going off to college or university flipping burgers or waiting tables. So they gathered a few friends and started their own business - Local Student Labour.

Local Student Labour will do everything from painting and staining to yard work and power washing.

"Anything labour people don't want to do," Lepore said.

The group has partnered with a local construction company that helps with supplies and some guidance but getting the work done well and on time is all on them.

Lepore said at the outset they had hoped to get three major jobs this summer and they have already reached that goal. So far, the young entrepreneurs have garnered a major exterior paint job in Tsawwassen, a deck staining and were contracted by a larger company to do some work in West Vancouver.

Local Student Labour has been pounding the pavement in an attempt to garner more business by handing out pamphlets and business cards around town.

Lepore, who wants to go into business, said the idea has become a great stepping stone for many of the guys who also want to go into business or trades. It's also a great way to spend the summer, he said.

"We're just a close-knit group of friends," he said.

"What other better job can you ask for in the summer?" said Jordan Robinson, who is looking to go into plumbing.

Lepore said the group plans to reassemble again next summer.

For more information about Local Student Labour, call 778-863-2444.