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101-year-old leads off COVID vaccination day at Ladner seniors’ residence

Residents of Ladner seniors' facility receive first of two COVID-19 vaccinations
Augustine House vaccine
101-year-old Mabel Dermody was the first resident of Augustine House to receive the first of two COVID-19 vaccine shots on Wednesday. Fraser Health staff provided shots to all residents that consented for it.

It was momentous day at the Augustine House and 101-year-old Mabel Dermody led the way.

Dermody was the first to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at the Ladner senior residence on Wednesday, as all residents that consented to be vaccinated got their first of two doses.

“As you can imagine, everyone has been anxiously waiting this day and are very excited it has arrived,” said Augustine House executive director Jackie Reiners. “We are grateful to the Fraser Health staff that have been on site today to work with us to make this happen. The majority of staff have received the first vaccine dose. Those that have not have booked appointments through FHA and will receive the first dose within the next few days.”

Reiners added there were no restrictions with regards to the age of Augustine House residents when determining who would be vaccinated.

“There are a few contraindications that would require a conversation with a family doctor. Because we had enough lead-up time, this did not pose a barrier for our residents,” she said. “We will continue to be vigilant and work hard to keep our community healthy and well, but this is certainly a positive and tangible step forward.”