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A new vision coming for the Delta School District

Over the coming weeks, parents, students, staff and community partners will be asked to provide their input on Vision 2030
delta school district vision 2020
The school district notes, ‘During the 2010/2011 school year, the Delta School District embarked on a journey to truly identify its future direction. All schools and school sites took part in a visioning process where they were asked to define their Big Bold Vision.’

The Delta School District has begun the process of creating a new long-term vision for the school district.

Currently engaging with parents and partner groups, the district plans to have its Vision 2030 completed by this fall.

It will contain a series of a goals and priorities that are to build upon Delta’s Bold Vision 2020, which set the district’s priorities from 2011 to 2020.

The district notes staff across the district are already participating in visioning sessions.

Until June, people will be able to share through live Zoom sessions, online surveys, conversations with colleagues and by posting their thoughts on online whiteboard spaces and photo murals.

As far as the current vision endorsed a decade ago, the district notes, “It was embraced wholeheartedly throughout the district, and resulted in countless successful programs and initiatives we will build on moving forward. The Visioning process will provide much needed positivity and collaboration, and act as our guiding ‘North Star’ as we support Delta’s students present and future for the next decade.”

The current vision identifies the district’s mission, values as well as subthemes.

Some of the current subthemes when it comes to the district being a leading in innovative teaching and learner success include having sustainable, accessible technology that supports innovative instruction, education taking place in all parts of the community and teachers working collegially to use best practices.