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Banana peel on car floor, not impairment, to blame for abnormal driving

Police advised the motorist to avoid peeling fruits while behind the wheel.
banana peel
Delta police had a unique call last week along Highway 99.

It was a case of a fallen banana peel and not impaired driving.

That’s the report from Delta police after a recent call from a concerned motorist on Highway 99.

According to DPD, officers were called just after 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7 on Highway 99 about a driver who may be impaired as they were slowing and accelerating abnormally. “Police caught up to the vehicle and activated their emergency lights in order to check for impairment,” said DPD. “The driver stated that she did not drink, is on no affective medications, and has no medical conditions that would affect her driving. Police observed no signs of impairment.

“The driver said she dropped her banana peel on the floor while driving and may have been reaching down to pick it up when she caused the concerning driving behaviour. Police observed a banana on the centre console and advised the driver to avoid peeling fruits while driving and to instead have ready to eat fruit such as grapes, apple slices, or blueberries.”