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Born for Instagram: Which baby names are most likely to have influencer fame

Parents can set their children up for success in today’s influencer landscape by giving them a name more likely to generate that sweet Instagram clout
Young gamer
A recent study has found the most popular names for gaming influencers on Instagram are Jamie, Jack and Eric.

For parents hoping their children can cash in on the vast viewership and wealth that can accompany social media fame, a recent study found some baby names most likely to lead to online stardom. 

The study was carried out by by looking through over 500 of some of the most successful Instagram influencer accounts. The study then determined which names showed up the most overall as well as in different niches such as fitness, gaming and fashion.

If you’re expecting to bring a baby girl into the world this year and you want them to have a successful career on Instagram you might consider naming her Hannah. The study found 50 accounts under the name Hannah, with an average of 1,128,000 followers. Another 50 influencer accounts belonged to women named Chloe, with an average of 2,394,400 followers.

While Hannah takes the top yearbook spot for “most likely to become an influencer,” influencers named Rebecca are more likely to get the highest number of followers with a massive 5,578,000 followers on average.

Here’s the total breakdown for the top five girl influencer names:

  • Hannah
    • 50 accounts
  • Chloe
    • 50 accounts
  • Sophie
    • 40 accounts
  • Sarah
    • 40 accounts
  • Rebecca
    • 40 accounts

As for the boys, the study found Instagram accounts under the name Jamie were among the most followed on the platform with an average of 9,800,000 followers. The same can be said for James, with an average of 25,369,000 followers across 18 accounts.

  • Jamie
    • 29 accounts
  • Jack
    • 26 accounts
  • Eric
    • 19 accounts
  • James
    • 18 accounts
  • Wayne
    • 14 accounts

The study also included a more specific breakdown for names most likely to succeed as influencers in the areas of lifestyle, gaming and fitness. 

The study deems the name Sarah as the most likely name to become a lifestyle influencer with 58 accounts on the platform. For gaming, Nick is the most popular name with 22 accounts although Jamie is close behind at 20 accounts. For fitness, James takes the top spot with 24 accounts and Kelsey is close on his heels with 22 accounts.