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CFO seizes residential property in ongoing investigation

Seizure is connected to Project Rolling Thunder
A property in Delta has been seized in an ongoing police investigation. Delta Police Photo

A home in Delta has been seized by the Civil Forfeiture Office (CFO) in an ongoing Delta Police investigation.

In a news release, police confirmed that on Monday, Sept. 25, a home located in the 5200 block of Williams Ave. in Delta was transferred to the Province of British Columbia with an appraised value of $2.1 million.

The seizure is in connection to an investigation which started in November 2020 when the Delta Police Crime Reduction Unit (CRU) embarked on a large-scale drug investigation in Delta and Richmond.

Project Rolling Thunder resulted in the recommendation of criminal charges against multiple people. The criminal process is ongoing with a publication ban in place and the DPD can make no further comment on the criminal matter.

DPD investigators also referred the matter to the CFO, which seized a residential property as proceeds of crime. The Supreme Court approved the seizure by the CFO, deeming the residence as offence-related property.

“The seizure of this property is an example of the dedication of our investigators to utilize all lawful means to hold those involved in high-level criminal activity accountable through proper investigations and referrals to agencies such as CFO,” said Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord in a news release.