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City looks to bring more accessible playgrounds to Delta

On the list are North Delta Recreation Centre’s accessible playground and existing playgrounds at Mountain View Park and Sunbury Park
accessible playground
The City of Delta is applying for grant funding to help pay for more accessible playgrounds throughout the community. (Note this is a Getty Images photo and does not represent any drawings or designs of any of the proposed Delta playground projects).

The City of Delta is applying for funding with the hopes of bringing more accessibility to existing playgrounds in North Delta and Ladner.

If successful in their application to the Enabling Accessibility Fund, North Delta Recreation Centre’s existing accessible playground would be expanded in partnership with Reach Child and Youth Development Society.

Additionally, the current playgrounds at Mountain View Park and Sunbury Park would be replaced to be fully accessible and have fall-protection surfacing added.

Both of these playgrounds are already scheduled to be replaced within two years, which is one of the reasons Delta selected them as part of the project.

“These locations [also] provide opportunities to serve people of a wider geographical area, as these parks contain on-site parking and public washrooms,” states a Delta staff report.

The grant is available through Employment and Social Development Canada and could cover up to 100 per cent of projects.

The Enabling Accessibility Fund provides financial support to Canadian communities to improve safety and accessibility for people with disabilities so that they can be part of community activities, programs and services.

“If successful, the grant application to the Enabling Accessibility Fund can accelerate the expansion and replacement of the identified existing playgrounds and, most importantly, increase the availability of fully accessible playgrounds to support Delta families,” says the Delta staff report.