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City of Delta installing bike service stations

The bike stations are to meet immediate maintenance and repair needs of riders
delta bike stations
Bike stations to appear outside four recreation centres in Delta.

The city will be installing bike service stations at several recreation centres across Delta.

The stations will be for the public to undertake basic maintenance of their bicycles and will be located outside of the main entrances of the Sungod Recreation Centre, North Delta Recreation Centre, Ladner Leisure Centre and South Delta Recreation Centre.

A report by parks and recreation director Ken Kuntz notes each station will contain a number of common bicycle repair tools, which are attached to the unit with long cables.

Users can rest their bike on a set of bars at the top of the station to suspend the bike off of the ground if necessary.

To be installed by the end of this month, each station will also include a stand-alone outdoor pump with an integrated gauge to enable residents to inflate their bicycle tires.

“One of the recreational pursuits which has seen a significant increase in activity during the COVID-19 pandemic is cycling,” said Kuntz. “During 2020, reports of increased cycling activity in Canada were prevalent, citing increased sales of bicycles and related equipment. Locally, residents were advising staff of increased bicycle riding in parks and along dike pathways.”