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COVID-19: A message from Delta Mayor George Harvie

This is paid communication from the City of Delta. My first priority as Mayor has always been to protect this wonderful community.
Mayor's COVID-19 message
Delta Mayor George Harvie has an important message for the citizens of Delta.

This is paid communication from the City of Delta.

My first priority as Mayor has always been to protect this wonderful community. As we respond to the crisis presented by COVID-19 under the State of Local Emergency, this priority is more important than ever. We have now over 2,000 confirmed cases in Canada.

I was disappointed and surprised to learn about the large number of Delta residents, young and old, that are ignoring the plea of our Provincial Medical Health Officer to distance ourselves by at least 2 metres to combat the spread of this invisible deadly virus. TWO METRES OF SOCIAL SEPARATION MUST be practiced by everyone.

The global reality is that this virus will cause deaths in our City. 

It is not ok to be physically close to your friends and neighbours during this pandemic. Instead, use technology and other means to remain socially connected.

We must heed the orders of the Provincial Medical Health Officer. As the Mayor, I am determined to use all powers under our Local State of Emergency to ensure our community is safe. I am directing City staff to take swift action to ensure compliance with the orders.

Our Police Officers and Bylaw Inspectors are responding to violations of these orders in addition to regular calls for service.

You can help preserve their resources for real emergencies by obeying the orders and gauging the importance of your calls.

Always call 911 in an emergency, but consider the situation before calling for routine issues. Call 811 if you have a non-urgent health question.

Be patient. Delta staff are working hard to implement Delta’s emergency plan during this critical time.  

As Mayor, I am pleading with everyone to take strong actions now while we can still limit the spread of this virus. We are running out of time.  I am imploring everyone in Delta to stay home except for essential trips. 

Stay away from large gatherings in our popular parks and leisure destinations. 

Walk in your neighbourhood.   

Stay separate so we can protect not just ourselves, but also those in the community who are most vulnerable to the severity of COVID‑19. Everyone needs to do their part.

Make sure that you are not passing on this deadly virus and make sure you are not positioning yourself to receive it. 

Our incredible Delta Staff, Police and Firefighters are working tirelessly to try to reduce illness and deaths due to the COVID-19 virus.

We cannot do it alone. It is the civic duty of all community members to serve our city, and our country, by staying home.

We can only lessen the illnesses and deaths from COVID-19 with your involvement now.

George V. Harvie


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