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Delta considers new parking lot for River Road West

Motorists parking at the edge of the road made it difficult for large farm vehicles to navigate
brunswick point trail parking - google maps image
City engineering staff have been working on a detailed design for a proposed parking area and have been talking with the local residents including farmers.

The city is looking to create a new parking lot to alleviate parking concerns at the entrance to the Brunswick Point trail system.

Staff outlined what’s being considered at a recent meeting of the Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC), noting staff have met with residents along River Road West and adjoining areas regarding a proposed lot on River Road.

The new parking lot, if approved by council, would help alleviate traffic congestion and interference with farm vehicles in the area. Having enough room to accommodate 30-to-40 cars, the paved or gravel lot would be located at approximately 30B Street.

The committee was told the next steps include approval from the Inspector of Dikes.

Funding is available this year for the project and if all approvals are not in hand this year, funding will carry over to 2022.

However, in discussions with the AAC, residents did raise concerns about attracting even more visitors to the area.

The focus will be making sure there is minimal impact to working farm equipment and staff will continue to monitor traffic congestion, the committee was also told.

Among the comments from committee members was that washroom facilities and garbage receptacles might also be needed.

Due to safety concerns, the city earlier this year installed no parking signs on the road near the popular trail, but only where parking was never allowed in the first place.

Committee members noted that helped curb parallel-parked cars blocking driveways and access to farmlands.

A staff report this year noted the dike trail has been a popular destination for recreational users over the years, with a notable increase this past year as a result of the pandemic.

The report noted staff have reviewed the possibility of relocating to the south end of 34th Street, but it wasn’t seen as a viable option due to a number of reasons, including its narrow width and large ditches, no ability for vehicles to turn around and the shared road ownership with the Tsawwassen First Nation.

Staff then proposed constructing a new parking area at River Road West at 30B Street and limiting existing on-street parking.