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Delta Fire shows its pride and support

After Progress Pride flag pole was vandalized, firefighters fly larger flag in front of City Hall
City staff by new pride flag
The Delta Fire Department joined City of Delta staff on Thursday morning raising a Progress Pride flag in front of City Hall in Ladner.

It’s a message that love always wins over hate.

Following the vandalism of the Progress Pride Flag pole at the City of Delta early Wednesday morning, city officials and the Delta Fire Department have rallied to right this terrible wrong.

City staff repaired the Progress Pride flag pole later in the day on Wednesday. Then on Thursday morning, the fire department came out and put up a larger Progress Pride flag that was erected on one of their ladder trucks.

“We are grateful for the amazing support of this community,” said the Delta Pride Society in a post on their Facebook page. “Thank you to the City of Delta - Local Government, Delta Fire Department and Delta Police Department for being an example of how an inclusive community should look! Love wins.”

Delta Police are investigating Wednesday’s incident.

“There were security cameras in the area, but whoever did this, managed to avoid the cameras – so they knew what they were doing,” said Delta Coun. Dylan Kruger. “City staff replaced the flag pole, added more security cameras as well as a sign saying this area is under surveillance.

“The fire department was amazing,” said Kruger referring to what they did on Thursday. “The message is we are not intimidated by people who are spreading hate and harassment. If you try to do something like this we are going to come back, bigger and stronger and show that Delta is united and stands in support with the LGBTQ2S+ community.”